February 5, 2013

Pi (π) Speakers Lineup Preview

If you’re an average consumer who thinks they know a lot about speakers, you may be in for a big surprise when you realize that you exactly nothing about what is really out there.  What we see on television or in people’s cars only scratches the surface of what is available to the general public.  The problem is that there are just so many companies out there stating they do the same thing as the other guy, and someone who is uneducated won’t be bothered to know the difference.  Speakers, like many other artifacts in life, can run from the bottom end to the top end.  They can be extremely expensive if you wish, and they can be incredibly cheap on the other end.

The vast amount of companies producing speakers means that there really isn’t one company who will dominate the market entirely.  There are brands that are more noticeable because they cater to average consumer needs like Yamaha and QSC – but there are lesser known brands who are creating works of art AND affordable sets at the same time.  Pi Speakers, is one of the few brands that creates expensive units as well as cheaper units.  You can expect to find something here in your budget range.