February 5, 2013

Vestax Spin2 Controller For djay

Vestax is not a company that we traditionally associate with controllerism.  In general, Vestax has been around providing mixer solutions for DJs who wanted to cut, scratch, and juggle – long before Rane even broke through the doors with its revolutionary magnetic fader.  Even with Rane’s mixer entry, the Rane 62 and TTM-57, there are people out there who still prefer the feeling of a normal contact fader, even though it is more prone to dust problems from beating up on it all day.  Vestax also has another side to their business, and that is turntables.  The turntables they build are meant for scratchers only, so it’s rare to see one at the club – but common in the basement of a turntablists’ home.

Vestax has slowly been producing products to compete in the controller arena, and with good results.  All of their models are meant to be portable, and not a single one of them is too big to fit in a standard backpack.  The objective for them is not to replace the turntables or the laptop, rather, to ease the transition for the DJ who works in different areas.  Their Spin 2 model got a new remake, which includes a new button layout that makes more sense.