February 5, 2013

Mooer Echolizer

DJs that are looking to add some effects or increase the creativity of their sets usually opt for some time of external controller to liven things up.  Many times that need to look no further than the software that they already use.  Both Traktor and Serato both have internal features to change the way audio leaves the sound card and into their speakers.  But with only 2 hands to use at any given time, having an internal control over effects is not enough.  This is where effect units come in and change things up.  These small boxes can control audio in various ways that are not just limited to chopping and echoing audio.  They can do much more.

The Kaoss Pad 3 is capable of effecting one channel of audio, but it can also add elements like live music reproduction and sampling.  This is a great addition to your set, but it has some flaw – mainly that it requires your hands to be in use.  For a DJ, having to move your hands around too much can be a detriment if over used, and this why guitar pedals have value for the DJ.  By using a stomp box instead of your fingertips you can focus on the task at hand.