February 5, 2013

Yamaha Desktop Audio System

Speakers have their uses, and each speaker system can succeed and fail in different categories.  Loudspeakers are great when you need to push some serious pressure across a large crowd, but they fail to pick up minute elements that might be drowned out in all of the noise.  Headphones can give you some expensive sounding audio at the right price, but you are limited to only being able to hear the music yourself, instead of sharing it with others.  Then you have monitors, like the KRK Rokits, which give you uncompromising audio when you need to hear imperfections in your work – but they aren’t great when you need normal boosting of your EQ’s.

This is where a small portable home listening system comes into play.  These units are small enough that they can be carried around, yet will deliver good audio over a small distance.  It’s something that you plug your iPod into, when you are at home listening to music and don’t need to be bothered with wires and switches all over the place.  Yamaha is offering their line of TSX and MCR desktop audio systems – which won’t give you cinema style audio, but will be enough to keep you complacent.