February 6, 2013

Why Do My Speakers Sound Like They Are in a Tunnel?

Creating music using a computer and a DAW relies on factors other than what you are actually creating with your controller, mouse, and keyboard.  Music theory aside, your powers of creation is limited by what you can actually hear from your speakers.  More importantly, what you create on your own set of speakers may not necessarily be what others are going to hear on their audio system.  This is something that producers and DJ’s have to deal with on a regular basis.  The average listener may not understand this, but when a song is mastered and ready to be produced, it has actually been prepared for all types of audio systems, not simply the best ones out there.

With that said, a listener at home who is using a complex listening system or some type of digital receiver can do their part to ensure that their audio is not being altered any more than it has to be.  Many audio systems like to include settings that will simulate various settings, like a dance hall or a, large crowded room.  These effects, known as DSP or Digital Signal Processing effects are sometimes better if they aren’t used, this way you know you are getting sound that isn’t molested.