February 9, 2013

Behringer Intros U-Phoria USB Audio Interfaces

Behringer showed off their versatility at the most recent NAMM trade show.  True to Behringer form, they have a foot and leg in various types of music gear, and they aren’t simply limited to one aspect of a producer’s or DJ’s system.  A DJ will typically need three main components to do their job; they need something to control music with, they need something that will play the music, and they need something to listen to the music.  Basically, they need speakers, and audio source (DVS perhaps), and then they need something to manipulate it.  Traditionally, a company will do best if they put most of their efforts into one single type of product, like speakers – but Behringer has shown that they can expand horizontally while keeping quality high and prices low.

Obviously Behringer does not cater to the extremely high end buyers who will opt for something like the Apogee Duet, for their soundcard needs.  However, they understand that there are different types of users who need solutions are various price ranges – and this is their niche, where they thrive.  The “U-Phoria” lines of soundcards come in multiple configurations to with differing amounts of inputs and output for just about any situation.