February 9, 2013

Make Techno & House rhythms With A Roland TR-909

It is very difficult to imagine what music production was like, before the use of computers came about.  You have to consider the idea that those systems that were built to create music, were not as flexible as they are now.  It is analogous to a typewriter which couldn’t backtrack and white out any mistake it made – modern word processing make it easy to go bad and edit mistakes.  Likewise, an older drum machines or groove machines like the Roland TR-909 did not have the ability to create intricate rhythms like we can do today using a simple computer program.  But with that limitation spawned the ability to, in fact the necessity, to become even more creative than we could have ever imagined

This is why it is so impressive to see a producer create a piece of music using little more than a single machine today.  Modern producers have the luxury (and the curse) of having million of samples and parameters to create music with.  When you are stripped down to your simplest form, it takes pure human creativity to squeeze out as much as you can from one machine.  This short video shows you how, even today, a song can be created with simple elements.