February 9, 2013

New Controller On The Way?

The amount of near gear that is being produced on a daily basis is mind boggling – its damn near impossible for one person to know about all the gear that is out there, and which one performs the best in their individual categories.  Review websites and other helpful DJs might be able to lead you in the right direction by suggesting what might be best for you, but by the time you have gotten what you think you need – something new has already been produced.  One of the driving factors in the increased amount of gear like controllers is not the steady consumer demand for new products – it is the ease at which they can be manufactured.

Products, especially electronic products, can be designed and built with a quick turnaround.  Most of these devices are made from plastics when can be produced in record numbers with very little human intervention.  Companies can afford to make millions of factory produced controllers compared to objects that require a little more human touch.  Hand built units like synthesizers will naturally cost much more to produce and sell.  One the bright side, the creation of newer products also means that the cost of older ones will decrease.