February 9, 2013

IKEA Wants You To Straighten Up Your Studio

A producer’s or DJ’s home setup is not something that would be considered portable by any means.  When you head into the cave, dungeon, or laboratory of a musician, you are likely to see gear spread out across the room.  This includes (but is not limited to) vinyl records with missing sleeves, cables that run across the floor, and an overall musty smell of spilled beverages.  Many of us try to keep our working area clean, but it is difficult to keep it that way for very long.  Sometimes, all of the money is spent on the gear, so we have very little left when we want it comes time to get it off of the floor.

Ikea products have always been a small blessing for DJs looking for furniture solutions.  It is relatively cheap (once you get it put together), and it looks modern enough to be proud of.  When you consider the cost of other types of DJ furniture, Ikea wins out by a long shot.  A Laptop’s stand something that makes a DJ’s layout more streamlines, but it is only as good as the table it rests upon.  Shout outs to Ikea for putting together this short tutorial.