February 9, 2013

Lil Wayne Involvement in Skateboard Attack

It’s interesting to see how action sports have weaved their way into music videos over the past 10 years or so.  Perhaps it’s the fact that artists and producers are so creative, and have other hobbies they enjoy other than creating music.  Skateboarding in particular has made its appearance in hop-hop, even though it originally began as something completely unrelated to rap music.  It might be hard to picture, but there was a time when skateboarding and skaters were not considered as “cool as they are today.  If you had a skateboard back in the 90’s, you weren’t sitting with the cool kids at the lunch table; you were marked as some sort of outsider.

I remember seeing music videos by Pharell Williams with skateboarders appearing in the background.  From then on, skateboarding is seemed to be relevant again since it had the hip-hop stamp of approval.  Lil Wayne has even taken to skateboarding lifestyle, or what he sees as the rock star lifestyle; maybe in an attempt to renew his image as something distinct from just a rapper.  Not all is well for Weezy, who is getting sued after one of his security guards attacked a photographer with a skateboard.