February 9, 2013

CloudSynth – The First SoundCloud Synthesizer

How much of what you create, is actually yours?  This is a very good question to knock around, when you consider how music is made these days.  There are very few contemporary musicians out there writing their own music, note by note, sheet by sheet.  That takes a very long time to do and it requires a deep knowledge of music theory and how music is created.  When you create music by sampling other pieces of music, you task becomes much simpler – and it only requires you to be creative in how you use the samples.  Where do you draw the line on what is actually your music and what is someone else’s?

Soundcloud has become more and more restricted, and it seems to cater to producers more than it does DJs.  If you submit a mix with copyrighted materials, it will instantly be identified and rejected by a robot that deems it unfit to post.  But now, with “CloudSynth,” one can browse and download samples and songs created by other producers from Soundcloud.  On one hand it is a good idea to collaborate with other like minded musicians – but where do you draw the line?  Would you like it if somebody profited off of your work?