February 9, 2013

How Can I Use My DJ Controller Wirelessly?

Wireless devices are becoming a reality for folk who enjoy technology and audio devices.  This isn’t limited to DJ controllers either, the idea of using wireless signals to transmit audio has been around since the first FM transmitters were attached to portable CD players.  The trouble, however, has always boiled down to consistency problems and latency issues.  Take the FM transmitter that is used in your car, for example.  If you need to play songs off of your iPod without wires, it is a decent tool – but you already know that this audio will suffer from quality problems as well as clean signal issues.

For those who use their WiFi router to send audio around the house, the issue of quality as gotten slightly better, but it has not disappeared.  When a DJ needs to use wireless commands to control a DVS or another type of action, the tiny bit of lag between the device and the computer adds up to a lot.  It is not idea for the DJ who needs to be precise with their timing and mixing.  Using a wireless DJ controller seems like a good way to rid yourself of wires – but it comes at the cost of latency.