February 11, 2013

Metasonix S-2000 Vacuum-Tube Synthesizer ‘A Revolution’

Have you ever wondered why problem with computers are called bugs?  There’s a lot of word play that goes on in computing, and most of these terms make sense to us – like a virus or a bug, but very few people question where the terms were actually originated.  Older computers were nothing like the computers we have today.  Before the invention of the first personal computer, computers were large and daunting machines; they were also difficult to maintain.  Many of these mainframes actually had problems with bugs entering the machine and screwing things up.  These large computers did not make use of transistor technology, and actually had to use vacuum tubes.

The same can be said about classic synth devices and other analog types.  They used oscillators that were analog in nature, and needed to be cleaned and maintained often.  This tube technology was actually cutting edge at the time and to some it is still considered revolutionary in its own right.  Today, you can purchase devices like the Metasonix S-2000 vacuum tube synthesizer.  It claims to deliver an authentic experience and a warmer sound than most new digital devices.  The only catch is that is that it will cost you significantly more money than a digital one.