February 11, 2013

Audulus Update Lets You Modulate Anything

The iPad and iOS had traditional hardware devices beat in many respects, but it still cannot compete in many others.  Take a MIDI controller like the QuNeo or Kontrol F1.  These hardware MIDI devices have the luxury of having on boards soft pads developed and manufactured to take abuse from humans, all day long.  Even if you were to buy a cheaper unit with built subpar – you wouldn’t feel too bad about damaging a replaceable piece of hardware.  On the other hand, if you beat up your iPad, it will cost you much more to get it replaced.  Soft or hard pads on a MIDI controller have been engineered to respond to the right about of force, while the iPad; not so much.

However, the iOS does have a few tricks up its sleeve, and it comes down to clever programming.  Audulus is a piece of software for the iOS that works much like Touch OSC in that it lets you create and program your own buttons and knobs on your MIDI controllers.  Even better, it allows you to chain knobs together to perform certain actions – something that hardware MIDI controllers are just beginning to explore.  It can definitely make up for not having physical buttons.