February 11, 2013

Amplifier Slew Rate – What Does it Mean?

Amplifiers are the underdogs of the sound world, and they do not get the respect they deserve consider what they actually do for a musician.  Whether you’re a guitarist, a DJ, a Producer, or a singer – your art requires some sort of electronic signal that needs to be boosted in order for it to be listenable.  Perhaps a guitar player could get along with only an acoustic guitar, but nevertheless – once you feel the need to have your music louder, an amp is something that will be needed.  The amp lays one step below the power supply in terms of importance – and there are many intricate ways to create and amp.

Amps can be produced for under a hundred dollars if you only have a small need to fill, but they can also be extremely complicated and expensive if one wishes, as well.  Of the many specs that can confuse the buyer – slew rate sits pretty high up there.  Terms like bandwidth and frequency get tossed around, but it takes some knowledge of mathematical concepts to understand them.  Basically, a higher slew rate is usually found on amps that require higher power.  It has to do with the amount of frequency and peak voltage multiplied times each other.