February 11, 2013

Multi-Charging Dok Station

The iPad was designed to be “designed”, if you know what I mean.  Even though the iOS comes with a slew of self endorsed programs, many users ignore them and simply download their own apps to use with the device.  It is no different than the bloatware that comes on a PC with a preinstalled version of Windows 8.  iPod users understand this and it does not affect then, as much as it used to – as these programs are easy to remove and ignore altogether.  It is the app designers who make the platform such a magical one – not Apple itself.  There is also another side to the iPad that can be explored by creators and designers, the hardware.

Since the iPad is such a sleek device, it lends itself to being built into other objects.  You can think of it as something similar to an SD card, or a five inch floppy disk that can be inserted into a slot.  Companies such as IK Multimedia and Numark have even integrated the iPad directly into their hardware (literally).  All that is left is to make a alarm clock unit that can house any one of these tablet devices, and it has been executed well.