February 12, 2013

Sound Magic Wants Your Input

Remember the days when you had to purchase a product on a whim, without any real research into the product?  You had no idea of how good or bad a product might be, you only have the confidence that it was sold in a store where you could return it if it was complete trash.  This is long before the internet was the forum that it is today, filled with opinions, review, and advice.  Back then, the only real connection that could be made was to call the actual manufacturer to return a product or to let them know just how bad it was.  Nowadays, a smart person won’t even consider buying a product unless there is some positive word of mouth.

This is precisely what Sound Magic is banking on.  Their orchestral strings program has been out for a little while now and the want to know what people really think of it.  You can submit your opinion on the software online – but you shouldn’t expect a huge reward in exchange, just the warm feeling that you are doing something to contribute to making the product better.  It’s a good opportunity to compare it to other similar string software that you may be using.