February 12, 2013

Build A DIY Drum Machine, The Bleep Drum, For $60

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that miniature drum machines and noise makers are cheap and easy to build.  The basic science behind all of it is already out of the way – there is very little discovery left in the process.  The real innovation now, comes in how to make it cheap and affordable for all of us to own.  Some of the machines are so well built that there is just no way we would ever be able to afford the high cost, without putting down something like a car payment on it.  This is why companies are taking the IKEA approach to selling equipment; that is, making it a low cost DIY project instead of bundling it all together into something with a pretty package.

When you strip away the fancy add-ons like new looking rotary knobs and a faceplate with paint on it, you are left with the barebones deal, but it is a working barebones set that is capable of creating the desired noise and effects.  Many of the same basic features you can find in a fancy drum machine can also be found in the Bleep Drum, which is no bigger than a pack of playing cards.