February 13, 2013

How Do You Think Digital Has Changed DJing?

How has digital technology changed DJing?  Well, this is a loaded question if there ever was one – but it is safe to say that DJing isn’t the same as it used to be little more than 20 years ago.  If you think merely in terms of technique that existed two decades ago, the fundamentals of mixing live music were just starting to be explored, and songs weren’t manufactured the same way they are today – and they had more impact than they do today.  A common theme that has arisen anytime a new type of technology is invented is that we are simply getting lazier. Are we?

In the time it takes to cue two records a beatmatch them, a modern DJ can have an entire playlist sorted by genre and tempo.  In the time it takes to cue the beginning of a song, a modern DJ can press the sync button and hop to his first hot cue.  So there might be some truth in that statement – but does this mean the creativity and originality have died as well?  This is where I digress from others’ opinions.  While some have genuinely gotten lazier with this new technology – the smart ones have embraced it and worked it to its fullest potential.