February 13, 2013

Watch a New Prince Video (If You Pay $1.77)

Did you know that you favorite artist may not be a very big fan of you?  It’s hard to believe but some of these artists would feel much better if they had one less fan – a fan that only downloads their music instead of buying it.  I think the majority of kids who grew up downloading mp3’s have gotten over the fuzzy feeling they get when a pirated copy of their favorite album is available to them in only a few minutes.  Now that it’s easier to buy a legitimate copy of your music, why not pay for a good quality rip and support your artist while you are at it?

Artists aren’t holding back either.   They’re tired of having their songs being tossed around the internet like the gif of the dancing baby – their songs are works of art, not 2 second animations.  Don’t be surprised when you find no trace of your favorite artist on the pirate bay, they’re taking action to make sure that their hard work is not stolen on the internet.  Prince is up there with the many artists who are aware that there is money to be made and lost in the music making industry.