February 13, 2013

Urbanears Headphones

There is a special group of geardos that pride themselves on how custom their load out is.  These are the guys who have something that you’ve already seen, but they have it in a fancy color that doesn’t come from the factory.  These are the guys with the white Technics 1200 turntables and the custom earphones with their signature on them.  No doubt, it says a lot about your passion when you have something that cannot be bought nor sold – and it’s much different from just having a sticker ran across the top of your Macbook Pro.  Some of these customizations are nothing more than a hack job, but others have a professional touch that makes it look truly customized.

Having a set of earphones in a custom color is desirable to both DJs and producers, since most of the time your choices are nothing more than silver, black, or white – so getting them to look like a factory finish in an alternate color is a big deal.  The issue with the DIY work is that many of these headphones are not meant to be taken apart, which means that it is extremely difficult to put back together.  Why not get a cheaper pair that already comes in a custom color?