February 14, 2013

Korg mini KAOSS Pad 2

There are only a few manufacturers who have been leading the way in aftermarket FX units and samplers for DJs.  Basically it comes down to Pioneer and Korg, who have iterated the same FX unit over and over again.  Each time, they come back with a product that is slightly better and more capable than the last.  In Korg’s case, they have even managed to make it smaller and lighter as well; although we have yet to see a real price drop in their units.  However, their Mini Kaoss Pad 2 is quite the update from its successor and comes with huge navigational changes as well as a new form factor.

The most obvious change is the shape of the unit.  It no longer comes in the small squared size, but instead a size that looks similar to a hand held cellular phone; it begs to be held in one hand during use instead of being placed on a surface.  Basically it can be navigated using only one thumb.  The digital readout actually displays writing instead of just numbers that symbolize a setting on the device.  The only drawback here is that it still uses batteries with no option of a wall plug.