February 14, 2013

How To Avoid Serato Face: Solving DJ Screen-Gazing

Any type of athlete or performer knows what it is like to be in the zone.  Their body might be in the same room as everyone else, but their mind is in another completely unidentifiable space.  It is in a limbo zone where the mind seems to detach from the rest of the world, and thoughts come together at the speed of light.  The cost of reaching this level of enlightenment is that you lose control over your composure (not that you care).  Basketball players and drummers are known for making faces whenever they are in this zone – even turntablists exhibit the “scratch mouth” when they are in tune with their decks.

Serato Face” is not the same thing as what was stated above.  There is no zone, and you are actually transfixed on your laptop screen searching frantically for the next song.  It is something only a DJ would notice and it is quite funny when you realize what is going on.  Unfortunately this is something that detracts from your crowd reading skills, so finding ways to avoid it is a plus.  Solutions include relying on your gear rather than your screen, and practicing at home on vinyl instead of DVS.