February 14, 2013

Buying vinyl collections – a philosophical dilemma

If you’ve been a DJ from the beginning of DJs, then you are likely to have a massive collection of media that can be touched and felt.  I’m talking about the thousands of vinyl records with the sleeves that can barely remain attached to the records themselves.  Even cassette tapes can pile up into a loud hunk of plastic mess.  For some, these are nothing more than a nuisance that needs to be expelled from the domicile – but for others they represent a magical blast into 10 or 20 years ago.  While some may spend hours digitizing their analog songs, others have felt the need to revisit the original pieces of hardware.

If you check eBay or any local outlet like craigslist, you will notice lots of records; sometimes a hundred or more, being sold at less than a dollar a piece.  It can be a real bargain, even if there are maybe only 20 records out of the entire collection that you actually like.  To buy these at price in the store would cost you four times that amount.  The problem is that holding onto junk vinyl is just as bad as not having it.  We end up with collection of warped plastic sitting around the house.