February 17, 2013

The Nu Desine AlphaSphere

If you want to examine traditional instruments and find the type of instrument that exhibits the most creative forms available, take a look at percussion instruments.  At the heart of every drum, it is begging to be hit with an object; maybe a hand or maybe a mallet – but regardless of what type of drum you are striking they all have this in common.  Although other instruments come in various shapes and forms as well, no instrument exploits the idea of timbre as well as a drum.  Just look at the shapes that they come in.  Drums can be given alternate heads and skins to provide a muffled sound, or snares to provide a crisp response.  Drums can also be arranged in singular form or even with multiple drums together as a set.

Companies and creators who are looking to create MIDI controller could take a lesson or two from percussion companies, who know how to build with creativity in mind – sometimes a design is created even before the need for it arises.  This is what the AlphaSphere reminds me of; a design that was not created for a specific need, only to push the idea of creativity within MIDI products.