February 17, 2013

How Do I Turn Off Pioneer DDJ-T1′s Scratch Mode?

Although I’m an avid supporter of using vinyl turntables to mix music, there are time when having a digital deck like a Pioneer CDJ variant, would be nice.  As with most things that are digitized from an analog form, they become easier to work with – and this is nice if you are feeling lazy.  For a DJ to properly mix music he or she will need a few skills.  One of these skills is obviously the ability to detect the tempo difference between two songs – the other one involves finding a way to match these tempos again when they go out of sync (and they will).  If you’re a vinylist then you are versed with a few tricks of the trade.

Some of them involve nudging the record ever so slightly, and sometimes you need to pitch the nipple on the center, or use the pitch faders to bend the music back into time.  If you are using a typical CDJ, you have the option to use the decks as if you were bending the pitch, rather than actually nudging the record with your hands.  This is a nice feature that lends itself to blending long phrases – unfortunately you cannot find it on the DDJ-T1.