February 17, 2013

Behringer Expands X32 Mixer Line

Behringer has really shown off their ability to expand their company in the outward direction, rather than the upward direction.  What I mean by that is that they have expanded their line of gear, while still keeping them at lower Behringer prices.  This naturally attracts the cost conscious folks who are looking for gear, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have to settle for a less capable product or one that performs less, either.  At NAMM 2013, they show off their line of modular controllers – each with a difference purpose (instead of building a one size fits all), and they are probably the only controller company to take this approach.

Behringer was also quoted for working a new line of monitors which resulted from a partnership with the well known KRK.  Now, they have expanded their line of X32 mixers, which are quite different than your standard DJ mixer; as these are more suited towards people who are mixing many channels at one time.  Each unit has different abilities but they have all been ported to various operating systems, including Linux and iOS.  You can look for them in hardware versions as well as software downloads, which should be available soon.