February 17, 2013

Pyle retro turntable – it’s just a deck in a box

The turntable and vinyl record has had an interesting history with peaks and valleys throughout its lifetime.  Back when these instruments were first available to the general public, I’d imagine that they weren’t cheap at all.  They didn’t have much in terms of amplifying the signal, but they did have a large cornucopia shaped device when helped emit the tiny vibrations that were picked up by the record.  Records were naturally of poor quality and quite primitive by today’s standards, but it was still considered an innovation that provided enjoyment in a way that could not be matched.

Backtrack twenty years ago when record players began to take the back seat to cassette tapes and 8-tracks, they seem to have been cheapened by the manufacturers that created them.  They even had portable record players that fit inside of a suitcase, weighing next to nothing.  As whimsical as that seems, it had great value and kids could even attempt to take their records with them.  The need for that portability may be resurging now that the fun aspect of a record player has come back into the light.  The Pyle retro turntable will soon be available for those who are actually considered taking a turntable with them on the road.