February 19, 2013

WaveDNA Intros Liquid Rhythm

When a song is produced in Ableton or any other DAW, much care goes into each instrument used to create the song.  Parts of the song that create melody and harmonization can be figured out melodically before an instrument is ever entered into the software, but drums are quite complex even though some may perceive them as just being the “beat”.  Although drums are there to keep an overall rhythm, and to give the song some type of pulse, the type of drum that is actually being used can dictate the overall feeling of the rhythm section, and even the mood of the song itself.

Modern producers who like to play with complex rhythms and patterns will find themselves looking outside the typical meter that traditional songs use.  The 4/4 meter is all too common (although friendly to listeners’ ears), and using different rhythm structure can actually enhance the feeling of a song without additional tonal elements.  Liquid rhythm was built to do what the same sounds like; that is, to create rhythms without using a standard beat pattern.  These are the types of timescales and patterns that a beat detection software will fail to detect – but the type of patterns that will create a unique beat.