February 19, 2013

Macro Acid – The Roland TB-303

How many gear companies out there are kicking themselves for betting on the wrong product?  When a product finally gets the approval to go from the drawing board to the factory, there is a decision that has to be made.  Should we make ten thousand of these, or should we make a million?  Either way they go, there is potential for money to be made and money to be lost.  Some companies get it right by betting on success, and others go for a much more modest approach, losing potential profits as well.  Roland has seen their share of success and failure through their career as a “music making machine” company.

The TB -303 was one those units that didn’t see success immediate when it was released to the public – in fact many of Roland’s creations when this same route.  It wasn’t until computers became widely available that producers sought to create music using hardware elements rather than their software manifestations.  Now that this retro culture has came back in the producer world, many of Roland’s machines are in demand, with very little of them out there to be had.  The second hand market is making the potential profit that Roland lost long ago.