February 21, 2013

Mixed in keyring?

It’s amazing to see just how easy it is to cheapen the hobby of DJing.  I mean that in both regards; it the adding of new gear gives companies an incentive to make their gear cheaper than the next guy, but it also adds a whole lot of useless junk for us DJs to sift through.  How often does a DJ purchase something on a whim, only to find that it isn’t what they thought it was?  Maybe they were fooled by some clever advertising or perhaps they just let their ego get the best of them.  Urbanear’s keyring is an interesting one.  DJing on the iPhone isn’t something new, and there are plenty of apps that can handle it.  But they have added a small accessory that is supposed to make life easier.

A headphone jack that contains a splitter for both the headphone cueing and live speaker playing may seem like an innovation, but when it boils down to it, it’s nothing more than a simple splitter than can be bought at any electronics store.  It doesn’t mean you can split your cue, as you would on a mixer – you still have to find any way around that.