February 21, 2013


It is interesting to see how the big two, Native Insturments and Rane, have decided to choose which artists they want to represent them.  In a way, it’s like the draft for DJs and artists.  Each side needs to choose the right set of artists so that their fans will gravitate towards their products.  I will say that Serato doesn’t have the most interesting guys and girls on their team.  Many of their artists are what would be considered underground artists, such as D-Styles, and these aren’t the guys who hear about first or the ones who are out there steadily promoting themselves.  On the other side, Native Instruments has a steady slew of well known artists, such as DJ Craze and Qbert.

It makes me wonder if these artists know that Native Instruments will be the top dog in the long run, or if they are simply getting paid more to advertise them.  After all, Qbert has his own scratch university to run, and Craze, although not competing anymore, is making a name for himself as a partyrocking DJ.  Qbert’s latest appearance showcases Traktor’s new control vinyl – so it’s safe to say he’s a Traktor Jock and a steady user.