February 21, 2013

Arturia MiniBrute Tricks And Tips

If we are all given the same white sheet of paper and pencil and told to draw, imagine the things we might come up with.  It is safe to say that no two people would come up with the same picture – and some people might even have something that is quite different from anything we could conceive as a picture.  This is one of the fundamental ideas of music making: we are all given technique and theory, but style is something that can only be developed and built upon by the individual.  If the same people were given an Arturia MiniBrute, what would they come up with?

We would each have the same set of keys and knobs in front of us, but with the vast amount of functions that one can control what are the odds that we would come up with the same sounds?  Some may stick to something very general sounding, while others might actually abuse the MiniBrute in ways that even the designer never thought of, like using the headphone jack to send a signal back into the system to create feedback.  In this short video, a user shows off his tips and tricks that he uses.