February 21, 2013

Ninstrument Intros MCTRL – A MIDI Controlled NES Gamepad

I had just written a post maybe a few days ago about the similarities between a MIDI controller developer and software developer.  I briefly talked about how both of them relied on some sort of external device to take our human input and translate it into a message that computer can understand.  One developer has actually used a MIDI instrument to control his video game on his Playstation 3.  It seemed like an expensive way to control gameplay (not that the dualshock control is any cheaper), but it was interesting to see how any device could basically be programmed to do something that it was not meant to do.

In an weird twist, the opposite has now been achieved.  Developers have taken an old classic, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and use one of its very basic controllers to be used as a MIDI port and controller.  It isn’t as flashy of streamlined as you may expect, but it does bring back some nostalgia for those who grew up with the beginnings of the video game revolution.  It’s called the MCTRL, and it has been built to be easily integrated into any existing setup.  It has also been made easily programmable for newbies.