February 21, 2013

Delptronics Trigger Sequencer

When creating any type of music making device that has many options and functions to choose from, creating a way to navigate through everything clearly is key to making a successful unit.  If one were to simply lay out and endless row of options to choose from, you would have very hard time trying to find exactly what you need everything, even though it’s right in front of your face.  Modern electronic units have benefitted from digital displays and onboard circuitry that sidesteps the need to have a knob and button for everything possible.  Take the Kaoss Pad 3 for example; it has over 100 different settings that can be selected using basically one knob.

But can this approach also work for devices that don’t use digital readouts and clever circuitry?  Yes it can.  The Delptronics Trigger Sequencer was shown off at NAMM 2013, and was given praise for its smart design.  Although it still uses patch cables, like any true analog sequencer, it does not need to rely on a mass of knobs to actually be useful.  Instead, it uses only two knobs to control a combined chain of up to 100 steps – it’s a pretty clever space saving solution.