February 21, 2013

iK Multimedia Debuts iLectric Piano App For iPad

How good can a piano actually be on the iPad?  It’s very questionable to think that real time piano playing would be as precise as the real deal, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that cannot be pulled off.  After all, a DJ who needs to rely on precise beat matching and cat-like instincts is somehow able to deal with the plethora of latency that every touch screen device has to offer.  However, a turntable can be made into a finite space, even when the screen is the size of your palm.  Can the iPad deliver enough room for the pianist to be able to simulate an actual piano?  IK Multimedia seems to think so.

In typical IK Multimedia fashion, they have released yet another good for iPad users, as not to leave them behind the guys who produce behind a desktop.  It’s called the Ilectric Piano app, and it comes with twenty two different pianos for you to touch until your fingers go numb.  As for the quality of the app, it’s hard to say.  Perhaps IK Multimedia would be better off if they bundled all of these apps into one program, instead of selling them off in small bits at a time.