February 23, 2013

Creating Rave Stabs In Logic

If you are finally comfortable creating music in a digital audio workstation, with all of your favorite plug ins and add-on, then you are familiar with the many ways you can approach the idea of music making.  Some of you may be creating music in a style that require more sampling, rather than the actual creation of notes and melodies while others may be using onboard instruments to create sounds from a purely organic perspective – meaning that all of the sounds you produce are indeed your own.  Regardless of how you go about creating music, the other half of the coin involves knowing how to navigate through your software.  For newbies, it can be an off-putting experience, not being able to lay down music right away, but for those who have stuck it out and spent time learning their DAW, the time spent pays off in the end.

Dubspot has released another quick video giving readers a few tips on making “rave stabs”, which is a technique that has been used since long ago that reoccurs in electronic music all the time.  It begins by manipulating a sine wave and detuning it to give it the effect of pitch bended analog synthesizer.