February 23, 2013

Creating x0x Kick Drums In Reaktor

Theoretically, all sounds that are produced electronically (and even live sounds) can be created using the right set of frequencies on a computer.  A kid sitting at home with a piece of software can virtually imitate any type of drum sound or instrument, as long as he has the right set of tools and the knowledge of how to do it.  Although this is completely a possibility, it is also extremely difficult to do given that there are many parameters that go into creating just one sound, let alone a group of sounds.  I guess that’s why musicians will go out of their way to source an older synthesizer or drum machine that isn’t created any more.  To do this any way would require a lot of work.

Old Roland devices such as the 909 and 808 are still in hot demand even though they are no longer being mass produced in factories.  If Roland could go back to when they first started creating these machines, they would have stockpiled millions of them for later use – but how could they have known that there would be a demand for them today.  These sought after drum sounds can be created using the right technique in a program such as Reaktor, but not without some sweat.