February 23, 2013

News Roundup For iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch DJs

I’m almost convinced that I could purchase an iPad and readily be able to DJ with it – almost.  There are still many factors that seem to convince me otherwise.  For one, I actually like having a big bulky laptop to run programs off of.  I feel secure knowing that I have a rather large battery as well as a multitude of ports to plug whatever it is I need, into my computer.  I like that fact that I can fold down the screen and easily adjust the viewing angle – and the best of all is that it is design to sit there without needing something to prop it up.  Users of the iPad may disagree with everything I’m saying there.  They may like its light weight and the ability to lay it flat or hold it in one hand – but when it comes time to start plugging things into it they have to actually tweak it or buy accessories that allow that to happen.

Given these constraints, the guys from Numark and other companies have been working around these issues and finding ways to better incorporate the iPad into the DJing system.  So far, the iDJ Pro seems to have done the best job of it.