February 23, 2013

Best Micro Set-up For DJing & Live Performance?

When at home or in the studio, the average musician might have more than 5 piece of gear sitting around, with wires strewn about the place.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with having your gear the way you like it, even if it isn’t clean or properly set-up in the professional’s point of view.  Sometimes it feels comfortable having your own personal mess that you can easily navigate by yourself.  Who needs an expensive stand to rest your laptop on when you have a bookshelf that will do the same at pennies on the dollar?  Many of us can get by with makeshift solutions; and who is going to actually see the mess anyways?

The problem is when you start lugging your gear around.  Then it actually pays to have professional looking gear to haul it in.  The last thing you need to do is to have some embarrassing wires hanging out of your backpack, only to have it get tangled and rip a piece of gear right out of your hands.  One solution that may save you money in the long run is to have gear that is small to begin with.  A smaller controller is not hard to carry around and isn’t expensive either.