February 23, 2013

Kickstarter to Fund New Album

As listeners, we all have our types of music that we wish we could hear more of.  We each have artists in the back of our mind who we wish would get up off their asses and begin to make music again – but it isn’t the fans that are making the music, it’s the artists.  How many times has an artist come out with a masterpiece of an album only to stop and never make music again?  Sometimes we forget that artists have regular lives too and have to deal with things like family or a change in perspective.  Maybe they feel like sellouts and are tired of working for record labels.  Who knows?

Kickstarter campaigns for artists usually work in the reverse order.  An artist wants to make a new album but doesn’t have the initial funds needed to get things going (and it takes a lot of money to make music these days), so they ask fans to donate money as a group, in exchange for a promised album.  That seems like a win-win situation right?  Too bad fans couldn’t get together and collect money in order to get an artist to being producing music again – if their heart isn’t in it, it just ain’t going to happen.