February 23, 2013

10 Questions #1: Paul Van Dyk

The thought of being a well known EDM producer is probably the dream of many young producers who spend countless hours tinkering away at music, sitting at home.  Just look at the music producers like Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk who get to entertain crowds of over ten thousand people at a time.  Imagine what it must feel like to have that many fans who know your name, coming to your concerts and paying hundreds of dollars at a time.  It must be an incredible feeling.  But hopeful producers also need to understand that these artists spent much of their lives pay dues before they ever made it big.

In a short interview with Paul Van Dyk, he explains how his career started as a working DJ in small venues.  Like any producers, he relied on a bit of luck to actually get things started, when a demo tape of his was passed along to a promoter who gave him a chance to make it big.  Paul understands that being a big name has to do with the ability to entertain as much as it does to educate audiences – and that even though he enjoys his hobby, there are still aspects of it that are not to like.