February 23, 2013

The Powerhouse 8-track Drum Machine

Why is it, that being able to perform with outdated gear seems to be more appealing that doing the same thing using modern gear with bells and whistles?  It is almost like we like to see someone perform something the hard way, even if the output isn’t near as good as what we can do with modern technology.  I guess this goes back to the debate between how music and other types of machines were use to create music when it all started.  Someone scratching on a turntable using vinyl records will always seem so much cooler than the guy who is using his keyboard to do the same.

If you think scratching with records is unique, go back even further in time and you will see the same thing being done on reel to reel tape decks and even cassette tapes.  It takes some serious skill to manipulate a deck like that.  This is why when you hear of a producer trying to splice together beats using an 8-track, it makes you laugh and cringe at the same time.  No doubt it is hard to do, but it is also very useless at the same time, now that modern sequencers are available to do the same.