February 23, 2013

5 Essential Tips For Better Sync Mixing

The use of the sync button on a DJ setup is the subject of an argument that will never cease to end.  Some say that using it takes the skill out of being a DJ, while others object that the sync button can only add to a DJ’s creativity since he has time to focus on other aspects of the song.  Both may have a hard time classifying what a DJ is when he uses digital tools to help him beat match and mix music, but both may agree that there is still a lot to be said about creativity within the mix.

For example, even if a DJ has lined up the tempo of each song perfectly, it doesn’t mean that he will have the phrases matched up to go from the right parts of the song to another.  There is still counting that needs to be involved and without it, you may still sound like a mess.  Also, the sync button isn’t always correct – and you may find that your DVS, like Traktor, may have detected the wrong beats to sync with, giving you the right situation to trainwreck the mix once again.  Regardless of whatever tools you are given, they must still use them properly.