February 25, 2013

Traktor DJ For iPad Review

So it has finally happened.  Traktor has bitten the bullet and decided to port their software (or at least a smaller version of it) to the iPad.  The best part about this transition is that the price of the software has remained low, which is something uncharacteristic of Native Instruments.  Since the app runs on the iPad without using any eternal devices, there is no sound card or controller that needs to be attached to use it – and it is readily meant to be used without needing any extra software side gear as well.  So how different is Traktor DJ from the full-blown version?

For one, the entire visual layout has been streamlined, meaning no countless boxes on the screen to look at and no complicated mapping features to learn.  The screen does not go with the 2 spinning records approach, but rather, the traditional grid waveforms that we are used to in a Traktor setup.  Looping commands are right there at your fingertips, but the software does seem to lack some essential features.  There is no way to nudge or control the pitch of your song, meaning that you will have to rely on its auto beat detection to line up your tracks.