February 25, 2013

Farewell Sony MiniDisc

Depending on what age you are now, there are many formats of audio and video that will never get to be experienced.  Some of these formats simply do not exist anymore, and it is sad when consider the fact that they were once considered revolutionary.  For example, many of us still have old VHS tapes that are collecting dust in boxes in the attic, but you will hardly ever find a good Beta tape nor will you find a device that will play one.  That format simply lost the battle to its competitor, and the VHS was the king for a long period of time.

The Mini Disc is much like the Beta tape, in that it had its chance to make it in the market – but it failed.  The Mini Disc was definitely a cool product that allowed anybody to record live audio and convert it to digital, without losing too much the quality.  It was much like the mini cassette tape recorder, but without the hiss and fuzz from a low quality recording.  In the end, it was the mp3 and other digital files that won the battle and ultimately doomed the Mini Disc as a viable format for listening to audio.