February 25, 2013

Traktor 2.6.1 Key Detection

Native Instrument’s decision to port Traktor over to the iOS means big things for mobile DJs and even bedroom DJs who want to be able to practice on the go.  First off, the app had to be stripped down into a more palpable package that could fit onto a smaller screen.  This goes with the typical convention given that there is only so much re-sizing that can take place before an app becomes unusable.  If Traktor on the iOS were to maintain its standard layout, it would be extremely difficult to navigate through 4 waveforms, unless your fingers are tiny and chopstick sized.

Besides the scaling down of the navigation screen and overall layout, features were added to it that most of us feel should have been added a long time ago.  No, I’m not talking about a new group of effects added to the FX panel – but some heavy duty features that will actually help you become a better DJ.  A key detection program has been implemented that rivals Mixed in Key’s algorithmic key detection process.  Not only will it detect the key and energy level of a song, it will also spit out recommendations for the next track to play.