February 25, 2013

Loopseque Updated With MIDI

We take for granted the power to loop and the ability to run music through a sequencer; a sequencer that keeps time for us.  Consider what artists had to do during a live performance when they did not have the ability to record audio and loop it back live – it goes all the way back to the original DJs and MCs who created beats on the fly.  The DJ actually had a serious job – he had to take part of a sample, usually the drum break of a song, and find two copies that he could loop seamlessly by beat juggling.  Without that DJ, the rapper would have a hard time rapping over another artists’ track, which would likely not mesh will with the added vocals.

It wasn’t until cheap recording devices like the cassette tape came into existence, that the MC could make music without the need for a DJ to back him up at shows.  When you see a DJ on stage these days, they might just be standing around for show, rather than making a difference in the music.  Loopesque is an example of how far looping technology has come – making it simple for a single person to create music.