February 25, 2013

Pimping Your Ride

To be a true audiophile is not easy.  For one, it requires you to have intimate knowledge of what type of gear is out there to be had, and how it works with other products.  Number two: you need to the means of affording such expensive gear, as we know that good audio gear does not come cheap (nor is it made cheaply) , and number three is the fact that audio surrounds us in nearly every aspect of entertainment.  If you are spoiled with the quality of a good home theatre system, anything less will be too noticeable and enjoyable in comparison.

Those who have a good pair of monitors for the studio may already know what I’m talking about.  You can spend hours listening to clean audio in one space, only to throw on some cheap headphones to jog with and feel like your ears have been molested by unclean sound.  You may end up having to pay top dollar for a pair of expensive earbuds to boot.  Likewise, your ride may have a so-so audio system which necessitates the need to install and expensive audio system in your car.  You can get away with a middle of the line sound system but you will ultimately want something better.