February 26, 2013

Super Manetron – A MIDI Mellotron App For iPhone

The Mellotron is one of those instruments we never see or hear about anymore, and that’s because the same type of concept is already integrated into the digital audio workstations and digital hardware that we use today.  In a simple sentence, the Mellotron looks like a Piano, but is actually designed to respond with pre-recorded audio clips when a note is pressed on the keyboard.  It is an idea that was quite forward thinking when it was first implemented as a music “machine”, but of course the need for it has disappeared.  It has gone the same way of the first computer system that used punch cards devices to input information – imagine if these were still around!

Well, the Mellotron has not been wiped from our memories, and naturally any type of device that can be replicated, has, in some way shape or form.  The Super Manetron is available for iOS users on the iPhone, so they can get their kicks and doodle with a small piece of the past without actually having to buy anything substantial.  This app actually has MIDI support, meaning that the super annoying task of having to hit keys on a touch screen may very well be eliminated.